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Vibe Yoga is your destination for the best yoga classes, workshops and Teacher Training in North Texas. New Student Specials; A week for $20, or a month of Unlimited classes for $39

Members are Saying
Terri Davis

Why Yoga?
I have worked out all my life, but recently got into a "rut". The biggest part of the rut was my "head"...it never shuts off. I had a huge misconception about yoga. I thought it could only "compliment" other workouts. It would never "be enough" Much to my surprise, it is one of the best workouts I've ever had. I feel my core getting stronger. And NO injuries while I'm achieving this! That is one of the Best parts. I was always pushing myself to the point of injury. I have not experienced that in Yoga.
Why Vibe?
I am fairly new. I was encouraged to try it by a friend, Teri Carlo. I started with a Groupon in November and have never looked back. Everyone is so kind. It is the first place I've worked out where I don't feel uncomfortable if I can't "keep up". We are all at our own speed and that is highly encouraged. I think I've had every teacher, and EVERY teacher has been marvelous. I love variety and that is a big "draw" for me at VIBE. Thank you for teaching me how to embrace who I am and just "be". Thanks to the instructors and fellow yogis for being so welcoming and kind!