Class Descriptions

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga with Varsha Naik. Drop in classes are $20 or 6 weeks for $100 online! Classes are held every Tuesday evening from 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm. Please be sure to get your Doctor's approval before starting the Prenatal series. For consent forms for your Doctor or Midwife plus other handout information go to Mamaste Yoga.

Acro Yoga Jam

Acro Yoga combines elements of Yoga and Acrobatics. Using these practices, students will cultivate grounding, balance, strength and surrender to achieve flight! As with yoga, the practice can be gentle and restorative, athletic and invigorating or all points in between.

Our 2nd Friday classes include yoga practice to help warm up, strengthen and center followed by partner and group Acro Yoga postures and flows and ending with a short cool down/relaxation. We will work in pairs or groups of three, learning the postures in the positions of base, flyer and spotter. We place a strong emphasis on self-care and working to your own comfort level- there are always options and modifications!

Join us in an adventure into playfulness, communication and support!

Advanced Asana Level II-III:

This class is for the seasoned practitioner that has had a consistent practice for at least 5 months. In this class you will explore more advanced poses such as inversions and arm balances as well as practice at a quicker pace. This class is vinyasa based linking the breath and the movement. A very fun class!

All Levels Heated:

A vinyasa class open to all levels of students done in a room heated above 85 degrees. Doing yoga in a heated room helps to completely warm the body which allows the body to go deeper into poses and stretches while detoxifying both the mind and body.

All Levels Music Flow:

A vinyasa class open to students of all levels. This class will link the breath and the movement as you move through the poses in order to clear the mind. This class will have music playing from a variety of genres from relaxing artists, to more up beat varieties such as alternative, reggae, and popular songs of today.  A fun lighthearted class still packed with rejuvenating and strengthening poses done in a vinasya flow format.

All Levels Yoga:

A vinyasa class that utilizes the breath to link each movement. We will move at a good pace through the poses working our bodies into a deep sweat, while using our breath to keep our minds balanced, steady and focused. This class is open to students of all levels.

Beginner Yoga:

If you are new to yoga this class is for you. You will learn the basics of yoga postures and breathing techniques. You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from head to toe! Not flexible? No problem! You will gain the basics for a regular practice with this class, including preparing your body for a regular practice by increasing flexibility and strength, as well as your confidence on and off your mat!

Hatha Yoga:

This is slow-paced, and very gentle class. This class gives a good introduction to the asanas (yoga poses) for the beginner, but it is also a very relaxing and physically beneficial class to the beginner and seasoned practitioner alike. The focus is on strength, flexibility, balance, breathing and conditioning. Children ages 12 and up are welcome to attend with a parent.

Let Go Flow:

We carry a lot of tension in our bodies, breath and mind. Learn the tricks to letting go, while having fun, and getting your asana on. Accessible to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike, this class focuses on finding ease, for stress relief and vitality. Class includes an advanced posture or two, broken down for even the first timer to play with. Party hat optional.

Power Yoga for Runners:

Class will be based on vinyasa principles of flow, breathing techniques and alignment, but will have a strong focus on techniques for stamina for the new to seasoned runner. This is a great class to tone and build strong muscles. Open to all students, not just runners!

Raise Your Vibration:

Raise Your Vibration Sunday classes are designed to reset you in body, mind and spirit for the week ahead.  Vinyasa flow at 3:15 and Guided Meditation at 4:25 with Amanda Dellow will leave you balanced, blissed and prepared to handle anything that comes your way!  Raising the Vibration of yourself also contributes to elevating the consciousness of our community.  What can you do this week to make it better than the last?  If that is too much pressure, what can you do today to raise it up from yesterday?  Set positive intentions for your life and anything is possible!

Drown the Dog

Bring some friends and get to know your fellow yogis. Jump-start your weekend with an hour of fun and light hearted Vinyasa yoga followed by an optional group visit to a local eatery to wine, dine, and unwind. Your first glass of wine is on us!

Yin Yoga

In Yin Yoga, floor postures are held passively for several minutes to access a safe and positive 'stress' on the deep layers of connective tissue. Yin Yoga restores and maintains the natural mobility of the joints, primarily between the navel and the knees. Energetically, Yin Yoga opens the body's meridian system. This practice emphasizes stillness and silence and prepares the body and mind for meditation.


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Love Vibe Yoga in Village Shopping Center Allen, Tx. Everyone there was friendly and welcoming. The instructor Maria was fantastic, warm, prepared and made the class approachable, thematic, and super instructive.
March 04, 2015

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