Alicia Smith

Alicia Smith

Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Saturdays 8:00am (All Levels Yoga)

After a couple years of trying to force myself into the gym to loose extra baby weight, I finally tried a vinyasa yoga class. I was intimidated by the fact that I am not naturally flexible but nevertheless went to the class. An hour later I laid on the mat amazed by how I felt – not only did I experience a physically rigorous practice, but it also stirred up emotions in me that I had never felt from exercise. I was hooked.

I started taking classes several times a week and had a great teacher who always encouraged the class to at least try a challenging pose. Once I learned to be present and breathe I really started having fun.

I continue to be amazed at the transformation a yoga practice has not only on the mat but off it as well. This personal transformation inspired me to attend a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training at Uptown Yoga in 2013 under Jennifer Chitwood and Maria Caroll.

As a teacher I hope to help you tap into your breath and body and discover a yoga practice that has meaning for you.

Amanda Dellow


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Mondays 5:30pm (All Levels Music Flow)
Fridays 9:30am (All Levels)
Sundays 3:15 (Raise Your Vibrations)
Sundays 4:25 (Raise Your Vibrations Medidation)

I love yoga, I really do. The practical applications to life that these teachings have provided, have helped me overcome so many hurdles and also tuned me in to the joy found in so many things, big and small. My practice began in 2004 with a lovely, sassy little woman who encouraged me to go deeper, to seek more teachers and inspired me to practice more. Following her suggestions, I found an incredibly knowledgeable, and fiercely kind teacher that I still practice with to this day. I completed 500 hours of teacher training last year and am so grateful to the many teachers I have studied with on my journey. It is my intention to honor all of them in the way I share yoga with my students. My classes, whether gentle or challenging, are infused with a candid approach. I have tremendous love and gratitude for Tanci Cuthbertson, Tracy Carruth, Sheri Cherokee, Tej Monga and all my classmates and students along the way that have guided me and helped me find my voice.

When I sat down to write this bio, I asked my students for one word to describe me and here is what they had to say: dedicated, smart-ass, funny, loving, tough, intuitive, direct, enlightening, dependable, quirky, relaxing, intelligent, strong, calm…love them all.

When I’m not in the studio, I am playing with my kids. They rock my world! I also like reading a good book, snuggling my sweet pup Winston, making smoothies, going to concerts, burning incense, and practicing my handstand!

Amanda Heller


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Tuesdays 6:15pm (Prenatal Yoga)

Amanda is a Mamaste Prenatal yoga certified instructor with a passion for leading women through the journey of pregnancy through yoga. Her passion for prenatal yoga was first sparked when she herself was pregnant as she experienced the numerous benefits of a specific yoga class for prenatal students. She began training while she was pregnant and with dedication and passion, she completed her certification after her son was born.

Amanda teaches a physical practice that helps to encourage the pregnant body to be prepared for the monumental event of child birth. She will lead you through specific breathing techniques that should be used throughout the practice and called upon during labor as well.

Prenatal yoga will provide you with the opportunity to deepen your connection to your body, your baby, and other women in the community! These prenatal yoga classes are open to healthy women in their second and third trimesters. Please get approval from your doctor or midwife before attending the exercise classes. Pre-registration is required through Amanda's personal business line.

Please call 512-693-YOGA or email at

Christi Tracy

Chrsti Tracy

Weekly VIBE yoga class:
Mondays 8:00am (All Levels)
Mondays 9:30am (All Levels Heated)
Wednesdays 8:00am (All Levels)
Thursdays 12:00 (All Levels Music Flow)

After a stressful career in advertising, Christi started a family and was looking for the bigger picture of life. Christi stepped on her mat about 14 years ago for the first time and simply fell in love with the practice. She came for the physical outlet that yoga provided but quickly found out that it was so much more. She was led to teach from a suggestion of a friend and believes it is her true calling.
She loves to teach all levels of yogi's to get out of their heads and into their bodies. She believes it is then they leave prepared to handle all of what life gives them.

Christi holds a BA in Business. Her yoga education includes study with great yoga masters such as Baron Baptiste, Sean Corne, Beryl Bender Birch, Bryan Kest, Rod Striker, and Ana Forrest. Christi completed her 200 hour RYT training in 2004. She is an E-RYT (experienced yoga teacher) with over 3,000 teaching hours. She completed a Baptiste Assistant Training in Boston in 2008 and completed Advanced Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with Baron Baptiste in the fall of 2009. She currently is working on her 500hr RYT designation.

Gayla Crysler

Gayla Crysler

Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Mondays 12:pm (All Levels Music Flow)
Wednesdays 4:15pm (Kids Yoga)
Friday 12:00 noon (Beginner Basic)

I started taking yoga classes on a regular bases in December 2006. I remember the first several classes that I attended and thinking how exhausted I was. As I looked at my teacher Lorri, I was so impressed with how perfectly she did everything. As I've learned more & more about yoga, I have learned that yoga isn't about comparing yourself to your neighbor or even your teacher. I do believe the teacher is there to inspire you to be more than who & what you are at the moment, which is exactly what she did. As time went by, I recognized my own strength had grown and realized that the chataranga that I so much admired in her, I was now able to do as well. After taking yoga consistently for 3 years, I started to evaluate my life and what I was really passionate about and found that what was making me fulfilled and happy was practicing yoga and not the career I was currently in. Lorri encouraged me to start teacher training. As luck would have it, I was laid off from my job and a couple months after that started teaching yoga. It still amazes me the transformation you can feel from taking a yoga class or even teaching one. There are times when I'm just not feeling “it” but once I take or teach a class, I feel so much better. I've never felt otherwise at any time.

Since I've started teaching, I've found that I enjoy teaching all levels but I really enjoy teaching beginners. I look at myself and know that I'm extremely detail oriented. So for me it's all the little details that make up a whole. I think part of it is the feeling I remember I felt when accomplishing goals I had set for myself and I enjoy as a teacher helping those students realize their goals as well. I think many times students come to a class and get thrown into the “process” of yoga but they don't really understand the form or really where they should be. For example, in a Warrior II, I see so many new students and some that have been practicing for a while that tend to lean their bodies over their front leg. I enjoy teaching a student how to keep their bodies aligned from tailbone to the crown of the head reaching to the sky and evenly distributing their weight between both feet not just the front foot.

Even though as a student, I find myself now in my practice looking for more challenges, I have to remind myself that sometimes the basics are just as challenging and fulfilling for my practice. As a teacher, it's fun to introduce some more challenging poses to my students but the reward is really in seeing their progress and seeing them recognize their own growth and potential as they move and grow in their practice.

Heather Ward


Weekly VIBE yoga class:
Wednesdays 9:30am (All Levels Heated)
Fridays 6:00pm (Drown the Dog)

A passion for being healthy and fit is what drives Heather. Yoga has flirted in and out of her life for close to 20 years. Then after wondering into a yoga class, after many years of being off the mat, she found a teacher that challenged her to want to find her practice once again.

"I had looked into becoming a fitness teacher many times, and it just never worked out. The timing was never quite right." Said Heather when asked why she decided to become a Yoga Teacher. "When the time came for me to go through Yoga Teacher Training, everything just fell into place. It is one of the best things that I have done."

Her creative spirit is best seen when she is working with students that are new to their yoga practice or students that feel that their practice has hit a plateau and want to find a new inner strength, a new level. "I believe having a solid understanding of how YOUR body works is so important in injury prevention. I want to make sure that you are able to participate in a lifelong yoga practice that begins with you being strong and comfortable on your mat."

Joanne Finkel

Joanne Finkel

Weekly VIBE yoga class:
Saturdays 9:30am (Hatha Yoga)
Saturdays 10:45am (Restorative Yoga)

Joanne (E-RYT500, LMT) started practicing Yoga in 1998 in order to combat debilitating fibromyalgia, a painful condition where the muscles of the body calcify thus radically restricting the movement of the body. Along with diet and acupuncture, yoga has been the most integral part of managing her disease.

While making a miraculous recovery from the disease and in order to share her love and appreciation for the incredible benefits yoga gave her, Joanne began teaching in October of 2001. She completed her 200 hour certification one-on-one with Samatva Yoga founder, Karen Prior, and completed her 500 hour certification with the Himalayan Institute in Allahabad, India.

Joanne is registered through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 instructor, which is a prestigious certification for those instructors who are able to offer yoga education to aspiring yoga teachers. Additionally, Joanne has pre-and post-natal training through Mamaste Yoga, three children's yoga certifications, Thai Yoga training, Reiki certification and is a nationally registered massage therapist.

Besides teaching classical hatha yoga to groups, Joanne specializes in therapeutic yoga working with clients one-on-one to teach tools that support recovery from injury and disease and help maintain a full life. Sports performance in areas such as running, football and golf, just to name a few, are another area in which Joanne specializes and has years of expertise and high success.

In addition to yoga, Joanne's greatest loves are spending time with her family, friends and travel.

Kat Beeson

Joanne Finkel

Weekly VIBE yoga class:
Sundays 10:45am (All Levels Yoga))

My yoga journey started in 2010, when my dear friend said, “Hey, want to try a yoga class?” I have been coming to my mat ever since. I find that the life lessons that occur on a 68X24 inch mat are exciting and humbling.

My belief is everything is as it should be, especially, where your body takes you each time you practice yoga. No need to push yourself or be excessive. You are right where you are supposed to be in that moment, so, feel it and let go of any expectations that you may have about what your body should or should not be doing.

It amazes me how much I have learned about life, through yoga. And I smile a ton more than I used to.

I love sharing my passion for yoga with anyone that will listen. So, look out!

I am a registered yoga teacher (200 RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

"Be happy in the moment, that's enough. Each moment is all we need, not more." -- Mother Teresa

Kelli Davis


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Mondays 6:45pm (All Levels Music Flow Heated)
Tuesdays 9:30am (All Levels Music Flow Heated)
Thursdays 9:30am (All Levels Music Flow Heated)

Living in Nashville in 2001, I was invited to a yoga class. Iva, my first yoga teacher, was tiny yet powerful. She inspired me to move into poses I didn't think possible. I couldn't believe how challenged I was, both physically and mentally, standing in a pose and breathing. I was turned on to this new way of moving and strengthening my body and was curious about how this practice could impact my mental health.

In 2004, Baron Baptiste brought his Personal Revolution weekend program to Dallas. A dear friend invited me to attend. I had no idea what to expect. The weekend left me lying on the floor in a sweaty, teary puddle. For the first time, I got it – how it's not about the pose but rather who I'm being in the pose, how yoga practice awakens me to who I truly am, how being present deepens my experience of life and how others connect with me, and how blessed I am to be a part of this amazing practice.

I started teaching power vinyasa yoga in 2006. I teach so that I can hold a safe space for others to discover all that I've found on this path and more. Although many teachers have influenced my teaching style and personal practice, Baron Baptiste and his programs continue to inspire me. I have completed Teacher Training Levels I and II with Baron along with many other Baptiste programs.

I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance.

Lori Spielman


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Wednesdays 12:00 Noon (Yin Yoga)

Lori Spielman is an intuitive yogi with a focus on mindful awareness in her classes. Lori started her personal yoga journey in the 90’s and now is a Certified Level 2 Yin instructor, Vinyasa instructor and LifeForce Yoga® practitioner for depression and anxiety. She is deeply dedicated to sharing her love of yoga, meditation and energy healing. Lori also offers Meditation workshops, Reiki sessions and Attunements both hands on and distance healings, drum circle facilitation, and Munay Ki Rites.

Maria Rohr


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Wednesdays 5:30am (All Levels)
Wednesdays 6:45pm (All Levels Music Flow)

I began my yoga practice in June of 2012. I was looking for a place where I could be quiet and escape the busy-ness of everyday life. As a new mother and a musician quiet time was hard to come by. In my first class I was not only given permission, I was praised for allowing myself to come to my mat and focus on myself for that hour of that day. Through continued practice I learned who I was and who I was not. I learned to be patient, to slow down and breathe. I learned to focus. I learned to be still, to be quiet, and to listen. I learned how to work through discomfort in order to build strength and endurance. All of these lessons have been applicable to my life. My practice continues to teach me.

I have been a music educator since 2003. What I enjoy most about teaching my students is the life lessons that I am able to offer them through music. Yoga serves as another powerful vehicle to provide students of all ages and backgrounds with a deeper understanding of who they are and how to live as who they are. It is my intention to encourage students to dive deep into themselves, to find themselves, and to live as the truest versions of themselves.

Mary Koelling


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Tuesdays 5:30am (All Levels)
Thursdays 6;45pm (Power Yoga for Athletes)

I will start off that I LOVE YOGA. It is my passion and home base. I caught the yoga bug only a few years ago. It wasn't until life altering events that I fully became hooked in 2012. From that moment forward I saw and felt the power of yoga. On and off the mat, yoga has made me find peace, strength and fearlessness, fun and laughter.

I completed my 200 RYT training in May 2014 so I could teach and share my love for yoga. I am thankful for all my wonderful teachers that have guided me and continue to guide me in my journey. I am also thankful for those I practice with each and every day.

Other things I enjoy off my mat are running, travel, football (college, pro and the European version). One funny side note about me…I document my travels by doing headstands. Who knows one day I might have a coffee table book showing all those places I saw upside down.

Live each day to the fullest…have fun, play, laugh, and do what you LOVE!!!


Mona Desai


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Tuesdays 5:30pm (Focus on Form)
Tuesdays 6:45pm (All Levels Music Flow)
Sundays 10:45am (All Levels)

Yoga is a life skill that provides healing and grace to Mona daily. She in turn, is dedicated to inspire students to connect with their own innate wisdom, healing abilities, and expansive potential through their yoga practice on and off the mat.

She conducts warm and inviting classes that foster an invigorating, centering, and calming environment. She has an ability to meet the students at their level and guide them to explore the anatomical and energetic effects of yoga postures in their own breath, body, and mind. She incorporates chanting, meditation, Mudra, Pranayama, asana, and relaxation to achieve the desired energetics.

Mona has been teaching yoga since 2007. She is a certified 200 E-RYT and is currently working on her Ayurveda Specialist training. She is also in a training program with Rod Styrker and Leslie Kaminoff. She has studied under Susi Hately Aldous and other distinguished teachers. Mona also has Silver Sneakers, Pilates, PiYo (Gold), CPR and AFAA certifications. She leads a variety of group classes at different locations, and works with private clients, building personalized yoga programs. She is forever grateful to her first guru in the tradition, Shanon Buffington.

Mona incorporates her training and experience to offer students a unique adventure in each yoga class, and urge them to take that information and move with their innate guidance, to create a unique experience for themselves to be a master of their own practice.

Yoga brings flexibility to the mind, body and spirit; while strengthening the body, making the mind courageous, and heart compassionate towards self and others.

Shana Stein

Shana Stein

Weekly VIBE yoga class:
Tuesdays 12:00 noon Let Go Flow (all Levels)

I started practicing Yoga in 2002, during my first semester of law school, and fell in love. Following my pursuit of knowledge, I attended a 200-hour teacher training program, at a hot power vinyasa studio, in the Fall of 2009.

After that, my practice led me to the more chill side of asana, and I began studying Yin. I believe a well-rounded asana practice contains elements of both Yin and Yang, so my classes contain elements of both.

Exercise for vitality. Conscious breathing for happiness and mindfulness. Meditation for peace. Study to find your own truth. For me, that's Yoga.

Stephanie Robertson


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Wednesdays 5:30pm (Beginner's Basic)
Thursdays 5:30pm (All Levels Music Flow)

Stephanie's love for yoga is based in her background in dance. She has been dancing for over 20 years, and it has taught her how to express herself through movement. Stephanie began practicing yoga in 2006 in San Diego, and after moving to Dallas in 2009, she received her 200 hour yoga certification through Namah Shivaya Yoga.

She is trained in several styles of yoga including Ashtanga, Senior Yoga, Hatha, Kids Yoga, and Vinyasa. Yoga is a part of Stephanie's everyday life, and she wants nothing more than to help others realize the benefits of the practice.


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