Amanda Dellow


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Sundays 3:15 (Raise Your Vibrations)
Sundays 4:25 (Raise Your Vibrations Meditation)

I love yoga, I really do. The practical applications to life that these teachings have provided, have helped me overcome so many hurdles and also tuned me in to the joy found in so many things, big and small. My practice began in 2004 with a lovely, sassy little woman who encouraged me to go deeper, to seek more teachers and inspired me to practice more. Following her suggestions, I found an incredibly knowledgeable, and fiercely kind teacher that I still practice with to this day. I completed 500 hours of teacher training last year and am so grateful to the many teachers I have studied with on my journey. It is my intention to honor all of them in the way I share yoga with my students. My classes, whether gentle or challenging, are infused with a candid approach. I have tremendous love and gratitude for Tanci Cuthbertson, Tracy Carruth, Sheri Cherokee, Tej Monga and all my classmates and students along the way that have guided me and helped me find my voice.

When I sat down to write this bio, I asked my students for one word to describe me and here is what they had to say: dedicated, smart-ass, funny, loving, tough, intuitive, direct, enlightening, dependable, quirky, relaxing, intelligent, strong, calm…love them all.

When I’m not in the studio, I am playing with my kids. They rock my world! I also like reading a good book, snuggling my sweet pup Winston, making smoothies, going to concerts, burning incense, and practicing my handstand!


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Love Vibe Yoga in Village Shopping Center Allen, Tx. Everyone there was friendly and welcoming. The instructor Maria was fantastic, warm, prepared and made the class approachable, thematic, and super instructive.
March 04, 2015

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