Heather Gorhan


Weekly VIBE yoga classes:
Tuesdays 6:45pm (Rocket Yoga)
Thursdays 5:30pm (Ashtanga Yoga)

Initially a painful running injury led me to yoga for the strength and flexibility necessary to run without injury. After a year and a half of using yoga to heal my body for running I began to notice changes within myself and I craved more. This led me to completing my 200 hour training at Castle Hills Yoga focusing on Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. Yoga has saved my life in more ways than one; from keeping me sane with a stress-full fast-paced daytime job to the detrimental aneurism of my mom. I have benefited from the many different ways yoga can impact your life. I want to help others take advantage and expand whatever they are hoping to get out of yoga for their own lives! I love the fact that yoga can benefit anybody who is willing to try whether you are an athlete or a couch potato. I enjoy teaching playful vigorous classes with multiple variations for every level of student while focusing on mindful breathing, working on the connection between body and mind.

I have had the honor to learn from some wonderful teachers along the way most notably Ricky Tran, DeAnna Shires, David Swenson, Clifford Sweate, Diana Christinson, Greg Nardi, Tymi Howard, Jani Jaatinen and Marie Belle. I hope to meet you on your mat!


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Love Vibe Yoga in Village Shopping Center Allen, Tx. Everyone there was friendly and welcoming. The instructor Maria was fantastic, warm, prepared and made the class approachable, thematic, and super instructive.
March 04, 2015

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